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“The joy of dressing is an art” – Antee Gurung

Beautiful clothes with intricate designs fascinated Antee Gurung since childhood; this sparked her interest to begin her own clothing line later. She began her fashion journey first as a blogger in 2010. Two years later, she launched her label – Inspire. In 2014, she garnered a lot of attention as the official designer for Miss Nepal; her gown worn by winner Asmi Shrestha, lead Nepal to win the title of ‘Best Evening Wear’ at Miss World 2014.

How do you feel when you compare your first design to your latest one?

It was in 2012 that I showcased my very first design at a fashion show held by House of Fashion at Trisara Garden. It was a rose pink dress that was worn by Asmi Shrestha; it had pleats and was backless with nude lace. I remember I invested a good amount of time sketching it, as it was my very first design. Now when I look back, I feel that I have evolved so much in terms of my thought process, techniques and work ethics. I can now process my creativity more precisely and tackle challenging situations better. Having said that, I believe I still have more room for growth.

How much does your personal style reflect in the outfits you create?

If I were to describe my personal style, I would say it’s feminine, casual, chic and slightly experimental. I think 75% of my designs reflect my own personal style whereas for the remaining 25 I try to keep in mind different body types, skin tones and the style preferences of my clients.

What are you fascinated by at the moment?

I am currently fascinated by gemstones and rare diamonds.

What are you incorporating into your new collection?

For me, colours reflect positivity and life. It is my biggest source of inspiration. I will continue experimenting with different colours like I always have.

How much do you agree with the saying: less is more?

It depends on the outfit, occasion and the personality of the person.

What do you think never goes out of style?

Basic wear never goes out of style. The thing with investing in basics is that you can always style it the way you want. It’s never a bad idea to invest in a simple dress, jeans, shirts, coats or blazers.

The ideal outfit to don on a…

Date night: A gorgeous dress obviously
Workday:A well-constructed blazer or a full suit from my own label, Inspire
Hanging out with friends: A cute dress or denim with sneakers

Must have accessories for the season…

Layering necklaces, long rhinestone earrings and jacket studs.

Fashion motto you live by…

I quote John Galliano “The joy of dressing is an art.”