WOW | Ed Page

Joy of little things

Some of the most beautiful moments in our lives are often found in the little things we do…. giggling with friends, a deep sense of peace, waking up happy for no reason, watching birds fly home at dusk, a bite of pizza dripping with cheese.

An entire day is made up of innumerable little things. But what we choose to hold onto in our heads and hearts become the sum of what we are. We tend to get overwhelmed by the bad stuff, the crucial life lessons, the challenges that push us out of our comfort zone, the pain and the sacrifices.

In the process we forget the hot meal mum prepared especially for us, the foot massage your spouse gave you at the end of a super tiring day, the hug you got to cheer you on by a friend, the helping hand a colleague lent you, a surprise gift from the boss, a Saturday spent doing nothing under the winter sun, the goofy smile your child gives you, a quiet moment when all’s well with the world, or the sheer happiness your dog shows being around you.

It’s not every day you get to do the bigger things in life. It’s not every day you have wow moments like being on a vacation or winning a lottery or getting that promotion. In fact all the things that are really important to you in life are the result of a lot of little moments…. of hard work, persistence, love, passion and sacrifice.

It’s important really to be mindful of all that’s good in your life and all that really matters to you. Add a little curiosity, awe and magic into the insignificant things. Be more focused on the present moment. Fill your heart with gratitude for all that you have. Do things for others and watch as you spread the happiness. Think supportive thoughts. Express yourself. Let go of anger and hurt. Be clear and caring in relationships. Read more books. Go on long hikes. Smell the flowers. Exercise. Cook. Go shopping. Join a volunteer group.

Redefine what’s extraordinary not by what others say but what it really means to you. Stand up for what you believe in. Do not give up on your dreams. Find beauty and opportunity in the tiny million things you do each day. Never stop learning and experiencing. Own yourself. Be kind.

May 2018 be a year of abundance and new adventures for each one of you.