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Just be YOU

As a young child, I loved to read. I would have my nose in a book lost to the world around me. I would live the characters, the time and the journey of the book… transported completely by the words. I would make notes, underline sentences and earmark quotes. Little did I know then that one day, words would become the tools of my work… and that I would be chasing deadlines.

Years later, I still love to read but often struggle with the time. I read for work, I read for knowledge, and I sometimes read for pleasure… but it has been a long time that I was lost in a book. And when I really questioned myself, I realised that every little thing in my life is by my own design; it is a direct result of all my choices. I understood that time, energy and resources will be used on what I focus myself on. After all, I am the one who decides to put effort into something or not. Thus it is not lack of time, but lack of priority that keeps me from doing some of the things that I truly want.

Truth be told, nothing in this world is handed to you, you create your opportunities, you create your schedule, you create the bonds you keep,  and ultimately that is how you create your life. What is powerful however is our ability to choose what we want to keep in our life and what we want to let go. Also powerful is our ability to transform… grief into greatness, challenge into opportunity, pain into power and so forth. We don’t really need more time, we do need to appreciate life in the current time.

Life will always be incomplete and asymmetrical. But I am okay with it. And when you look at your life with deep appreciation, you will find the many complete moments within this thread of time.

Ever so often just take a back seat and let things happen, take deep breaths, laugh often, meditate, pray, rest, exercise, day dream, sing, jump, dance, read… and just be YOU.

charu chadha