WOW | Coffee Break


Jyoti Thapa
Social Worker/ Model

About yourself: My parents were oblivious to the fact that I was different. I was in dilemma and I wondered why I identified myself as a girl. I was teased by my school mates and mocked at. This generated an inferiority complex in me. I dreaded going to school. College was also tough as somebody would always raise the question about my gender. My mom was diagnosed with paralysis when I was pursuing my Bachelors degree. There was the huge amount of pressure that I should get married. I was going into depression. Stress was taking its toll. I spent many sleepless nights crying silently which was hampering my studies too. To avoid marriage I thought of going abroad. Around this time, I got to know about Blue Diamond Society.

I volunteered in their program and got to know extensively about transgender, and also made many friends who were like me. Finally, I was given the ultimatum to marry or leave home. Summoning all my courage, I owned up and told them the truth. I told my family that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my duties as a man. To my surprise, they were understanding and gave me their blessings and support.

Your achievements: Every little accomplishment has become an achievement. But the greatest achievement for me was when I was able to confess to my family and gain acceptance from them and society and to be able to work openly as a transgender. It is liberating.

Difficulties yet to overcome: The two years that I had to struggle alone in dilemma – to choose marriage or leave home – that was a struggle. If I hadn’t overcome that situation, I wouldn’t have become what I am today. The discrimination I have to go through now and then hurts. We should practice gender equality in the real sense.

Happiness is: Happiness is a relative term and may vary. But for me, it is being able to be myself. To express myself just the way I am.

Message to women: Women should be appreciated. Times have changed and women have achieved greater heights than imaginable. However, despite this, there are still cases of domestic violence and harassment. I urge women to believe in themselves and to believe that anything is possible.