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Jyotsna Yogi’s personality surpasses her pretty face as you get to know her. She is smart and charismatic, believes in hard work, and slow but steady progress. She started her career as a model in 2013 and has several TV commercials and music videos to show her versatility. She says, “Modelling and acting is what intrigue me, from the entire theme for the shoots to the make-up, wardrobe and the atmosphere. Being able to portray a new character every time on camera makes me feel like I get to live different lives in one.”


Jyotsna is also passionate about animal rights. She holds an MBA degree and has recently launched a clothing store. The most exciting phase of her life will soon unfold with the release of her debut movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hoon’.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Empathetic, quiet and forgiving

Your biggest strength

Family, true friends, my dogs and self-regard

Your goal

My ultimate goal in life is to build shelter for homeless dogs and implement strict rules favouring animal rights.

You are happiest…

Being around people with optimistic aura makes me joyful.


Fashion is a standout element of your daily life but when overdone, you become the definition of disasters and calamities.

You are secretly afraid of…

Distant relationships

Style vs Trend:

Style is something you create. Your style getting popular is a trend.


Life isn’t merely about living but it’s being lively. Life is expression, emotion and innumerable stories in the memory bank to make this journey on earth worth it.

Ten years from now…

I see myself as a mother of two kids, mother of innumerable dogs and cats, owner and director of a huge shelter for animals, a better artist and a teacher.


• Your look for a dinner date

My look varies with the location. PJs are the best for home dates and an elegant outfit is a must for a posh restaurant. A local stall doesn’t get me thinking about my looks. It is just fun to experiment with dressing up for dates.

• Won’t ever be caught…

I wouldn’t ever be caught in super girly dresses in daily life, or over layered make-up.

• Three things you can’t do without

My prescription glasses, my hand beads, ‘me’ time

• Dream trip

A backpack tour to Italy, Brazil and India

• Latest possession

My new pair of Under-Armour hiking shoes