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Kailash K Shrestha

ART is life

From participating in several international group exhibitions, curating shows to becoming a university lecturer, Kailash K Shrestha is person with a special gift. The 29-year-old contemporary visual artist is the co-founder of Artudio – a centre for visual art. He initiated the very first street art project in Kathmandu and then took it to different parts of Nepal with the idea of bridging art to the community through socio-political concepts, and turning every space to an open art gallery.
The first recipient of the Young Artist Award in 2009 from The Australian Himalayan Foundation has established a community art centre in his birthplace Gairimudi, Dolakha to help people recover from the post-earthquake trauma through art.

Art is…

Art for me is an exploration of individual experiences which come through a true process brought upon us by the realisation of truth. It is an addiction to live a life in a very gratifying way facing lots of challenges and experimenting at each and every step with endless possibilities.

Which medium do you like working with the most?

I used to love acrylic paints. However, I have been exploring multiple mediums as per the demand of my ideas and concepts.



Your inspiration…

My biggest inspiration are the little things happening around me; they may be small but are very important in life. These items/events/situations need deeper reflection that is to be seen and its manifestation accepted. My process involves being with one, accepting it and then turning it into art that may take any kind of form.

Your best work…

I could not tell… I’m on a continuous journey of art and I know it will continue till my physical and mental being is no more.

Favourite Nepali artist

I love Shashi Bikram Shah’s powerful strokes, and Nabendra Limbu and Puran Khadka’s very sensitive thinking process and deep understanding of art.

One International Art Festival you would like to be part of and why?

I would love to be a part of Venice Biennale. Considered as an Olympic for Art, the Venice Biennale has been one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world for over a century. Since its first International Art Exhibition in 1895, is has been organising various festivals from music to cinema (Venice Film Festival) to theatre. Hence, it’s a dream space not only for visual artists like me but also for those into music, cinema or even architecture.

If you weren’t an artist, you would be…

Seriously, I cannot even imagine that…

Where can people contact you for your work…

Artudio in Swoyambhu. This is my personal space where I work and spend most of my time. Artudio is a centre for Visual Art, a space for artists to come together and share. One can come to Artudio for my artwork as well as of my fellow artists and upcoming and promising artist creations. I can also be reached at www.kailashkshrestha.com

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