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Astha Rajbhandari is the Founder of Kala Kathmandu, a company into interior design accessorisation. Her studio is located in Lalitpur and is filled with interesting art deco objects for home and office. Astha has a degree in Industrial Design from the Symbiosis International University in Pune, India. In conversation with WOW’s Anushka Shrestha, she talks about what her company has to offer.

What design services do you offer?

We are a design hub company providing all kinds of customisation as per the requirement of the client from graphics to interiors.

How do you decide which projects are a good fit for you and your firm?

Thorough research and market requirements.

What elements define your style?

Contemporary with a touch of culture defines our style of designing which is inspired by elements of our culture and historical monuments along with the latest trends.

Do you welcome client involvement?

Yes, a client’s opinion and preferences are highly important to us as customisation of any of our products requires persistence. Great clients, great outcome, great satisfaction, great encouragement is what I believe in.

Nepal is full of opportunities and clients here are not scared of experimenting. I am loving every bit of it.

Tell us something about your brand ‘Kala Kathmandu’?

Kala Kathmandu is an art and design studio. We love inventing and improving new objects of everyday use to enrich your modern living. We encourage artisans and promote economic and social well being of diligent craftsmen.

What are the three most important areas a person should take into account when interior designing?

Space plan, vision and authenticity

How do you infuse Nepali elements into your design aesthetics?

By embracing the blend of tradition and present vogue.

One tip for every home…

Since population is rapidly growing across any part of the world, one should think of space efficiency. Space saving furniture or multipurpose design should be encouraged for better living.

What are the latest trends in interior design that could be most applicable to Nepali homes and offices?

Simplicity and elegance. Hence, designing something with such consideration and blending it with subtle colours will be eye pleasing for homes and offices in Nepal in coming days.

How do you ensure that your client’s personality and preferences are reflected in your design?

Keep it simple. What customers want from us is simplicity also known as 3Ds – design simplicity, decision simplicity, demonstrate simplicity.