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Kallisto by Anu Shrestha

Born to a Newari family in the heart of Kathmandu, Anu Shrestha was fascinated with the myriad colours, forms and art that she was surrounded with from a very small age. With two decades of experience in the industry, a lot of her work has transcended into a much more modern and stronger expression. She instils life into her hand painted fabrics with bold strokes and eye for detail. Over time, she has also matured into a responsible designer who works with home based women workers and believes strongly in ethical and sustainable fashion. Recently she launched her own brand “Kallisto” which is all about individuality and style. The name is derived from Greek and means “most beautiful’.

What does ‘Kallisto’ offer to its clientele?
‘Kallisto’ offers exquisite hand painted silk clothing (sarees, ponchos, kaftans, fabrics and shirts) as well as silk and cashmere accessories (scarves and shawls). From start to finish, every ‘Kallisto’ piece is precisely and meticulously created. Pieces are individually hand painted and stitched with exceptional attention to details, making every piece unique and distinctive.

Your fashion icon/ inspiration?
I don’t have a particular fashion icon. For me, inspiration truly is everywhere. You need to open your eyes a little bit to see things and people around you. Fresh air, nature, love, music, family, friends… everything inspires me.

What is your favourite trend this year?
Floral hand painted sarees and kurtas. Unconstructed tops like kaftans and ponchos, off shoulder tops, tops with ruffles paired with structured bottoms such as cropped pants and straight full pants.

And what would you like to see disappear?
Unethically produced fashion brands should be out from the fashion industry.

Describe your “I made it moment “
It’s yet to come. But I feel content because I just launched my own brand “Kallisto”

3 must have’s in a woman’s wardrobe?
A shirt, a hand painted scarf and a tailored coat. These can be paired with any bottom according to the occasion.

What hot for fall-winter 2016?
Lots of ruffles, unconstructive silhouettes, off shoulders, metallic and plaid coats. Colours such as tan, dusty rose, burnt orange with lots of floral patterns.

What does being a woman mean to you?
To me, being a woman, is first being a human and recognising the complexity that comes with it. Be it mother, daughter or a career women, love and respect who you are and what you do. I am thankful for being a woman.

Fashion tips for the woman of today…
Always have your SMILE on. Wear whatever describes you best with poise, confidence and comfort and become a trendsetter.

Do you believe in age appropriate dressing?
Whatever your age, looking stylish is a woman’s wish. Yes, I do believe in dressing appropriate to age. Certainly every woman should be able to wear what she wants, no matter her age. But I also believe that many women, including myself, feel and look better with some adjustments in silhouette.

How important is accessorising your outfit?
First, it’s a personal choice and it varies from person to person. And second, it completely depends on the kind of outfit you are wearing.

How much importance do you give to comfort while designing?
Comfort is the most vital factor that I keep in mind while designing. Comfort not only in the silhouette but also in fibres and textures of the fabrics used for garment construction.

Can style be acquired? 
Style cannot be acquired but you can acquire trend. Style comes from within. I believe that all human beings are unique individuals and your style best defines who you are and the way you are.

Your preference for colours this festive season…
Crimson red, fuchsia pink, burnt orange combined with neutrals such as off whites, beige and camel.

One fashion indulgence…. 
Scarves, scarves and more scarves

What is fashion for you?
It is fabric, accessories, sustainable, handmade and intricate. And fashion is “Kallisto” to me. It is all about individuality and style. It is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices.