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ASMAN A Touch of Good in The Sky

Association of St. Mary’s Alumnae Nepal (ASMAN) has been working for the past 27 years as a non-profit committed to supporting under privileged children and women across Nepal. The association brings together former students of St. Mary’s High School, the most prestigious girls’ school in the country. ASMAN’s work and commitment encompasses support in the areas of health, education, environment, skill development, cultural awareness and personality development. Its mail goal is to live up to the school ideal – for knowledge, virtue and for the betterment of society through philanthropy. In this edition of Coffee Break, WOW spoke with six founder members of ASMAN about what it means to be a Marian and the key areas that ASMAN in currently engaged with. Excerpts:

Co-ordinated by: Rojina Adhikari

Kamal Keshari Tuladhar
President, ASMAN

What are the traits of a Marian?

Marians are friendly, upright, confident and capable of leadership with a charitable streak in them.

How does the education here distinguish you from the rest?

Education in St Mary’s has made us all-rounders. We are mostly jack of all and master of some. Poetry, music, dance, one-act plays, debates and sports… you name it – we have some idea about everything! Convent education has given us the confidence to stand up for what’s right and question anything that doesn’t make sense.

Some of the key areas ASMAN is involved in?

ASMAN’s major ongoing program is the sponsorship program at the Mary Ward Schools which started with sponsorship of 30 girls some 15 years back and has grown to 1200 this year. Awarding the toppers of Mary Ward Schools through ‘Mother Benigna Awards’ is another program that has been much appreciated. College bursary for the Mary Ward SEE students was initiated two years back. We strongly believe education is the pillar for growth for any child. We are forever committed to ensuring we can provide that strong pillar for children from less privileged backgrounds.

What does giving back to society mean to you?

Giving back to society means everything to us. That is why we are in the ASMAN board for a two year term to serve our pledge. Together we can implement the values of our school. Together we can work to help the less fortunate in our society. Together we can bring about positive changes. Together we will make a difference.

The best thing about being part of ASMAN…

I have been in ASMAN in the capability of Secretary, Vice President and now President in a span of 15 years. Apart from being involved with social service, the wonderful part is getting to know and bond with ex-members who are from all batches (some may be 20 or 30 years my junior) and working as a team to achieve what we pledge. In our present board many of us did not know each other at all. Within six months we are now like a family bonding and working towards achieving our mutual goals.