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Kataksha (Sujita Gurung)
Age: 26
Business: education hub

What is the idea /story behind your business?
The idea of this came from my own experiences back in Singapore where the availability of libraries complemented my studying experiences. I felt that such facilities were lacking here, and thus, came Kataksha. The idea is to make studying fun by providing a conducive place to study where you can come not just for the various tuition classes but also simply drop by to do your own study or reading. In this way, Kataksha is like a library and we also have some books that patrons can be read. Moreover, I have always enjoyed my teaching profession. With my passion as an educator and the gratification that I feel helping students with their education needs and further studies aspirations, my husband and I decided to start what we call an ‘education hub.’

How difficult was it to start, and what kept you going through the challenges?
The main challenge was, and still is, getting the concept of the library cum study space across to people. Since Kataksha is many things at once, people tend to be confused about our services. Moreover, the idea of ‘a public place where one can read/study is very new here. What kept us going is our mindset. We knew from the start that it would take time for our start up to take off and so we continue to push ourselves. Getting both positive and constructive feedback helps us to keep going.

One ‘Aha’ moment in the business…
The first time when a group of students who were not taking tuitions at Kataksha dropped by to do their private group study. They had found out about the place and thought that it would be perfect for their revision sessions. That was when I felt that the idea of Kataksha (as a library/public study space) was materialised.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?
No. I had never thought of starting my own business. With time, my aspirations changed and I thought that I might try something new and learn from the experience.

The one thing you absolutely love about what you do?
The fact that I get to teach. That has always been something I love doing and with Kataksha and the tuitions classes, I get to do exactly that and also meet new people at the same time.

What makes it worthwhile?
Knowing that I am taking a step forward in making a bigger dream of mine come true. On top of that, the appreciation that the students who come for the tuition classes and the tutors is something that never fails to make me feel that all the hard work is definitely worth it.

What next?
Well, we are planning on doing a couple of collaborations with other individuals or organisations that are also involved in this field, reading, books, education, etc. We have also started providing professional academic counselling by an internationally certified licensed counsellor and we hope this will help students in their further academic goals.