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Katha Gera’s “Same Time Next Year”: A Romantic Comedy

Katha Ghera has brought a well-received American play “Same Time Next Year” (1975) to the Nepali audience. In this romantic comedy, a man and a woman “grow up” together as adults in an unexpected setting: an annual tryst that runs for 25 years.

It is a two-person comedy by Bernard Slade, directed by Che Shankar with Divya Dev and Akanchha Karki on stage. This vintage piece revolves around two characters – George and Doris, both married to other people, have met each other at a country inn in Northern California in 1951. He’s flown in on a business trip and she’s there trying to get some time to herself after telling her husband she’s on a church retreat. They end up in bed together and the play opens the following morning, with the couple wracked by either guilt or nervousness. Divya Dev is especially comical as George, a neurotic lover who feels guilty just about everything. Akanchha Karki’s Doris, on the other hand, is more matter of fact and doesn’t wear guilt on her sleeve. The couple agrees to meet at the same guest cottage every year on the same weekend. Over the years, George and Doris’ relationship becomes less about sex and much more about companionship. The play was showcased from November 23 to December 15, 2018.