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Kathmandu World School: Towards Progressive Learning

Kathmandu World School located at Gundu, Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur offers a peaceful and unique learning environment for its students.  With top notch infrastructure that meets international standards of schooling and state-of-the-art facilities, the school is one of its kind. Dr Rajendra Kumar Ghising (Phd), the CEO, shares the vision and goals of the school and elaborates the importance of progressive learning for students.

What is the vision behind Kathmandu World School and what are its core strengths?

Our goal and vision for our school is to establish ourselves as one of the leading educational institutions in the next five to seven years. We target to be the choice of parents who are sending their children abroad and India for quality education by providing world class education here in Nepal. Furthermore, we have a goal to attract South Asian students to choose Nepal as a study destination through KVS.           

Our core strength is our well dedicated teaching facilities. Our teachers are very passionate about teaching and learning by infusing the important values of integrity, compassion, respect, responsibility, collaboration, dynamism in the process of learning to our students.

How is it different from other schools?

We are providing world class infrastructure and facilities of international standards to our students. We have well equipped class rooms with resources and teaching supplies for the students to ensure effective curriculum delivery. To ensure physical safety, after doing a lot of research about international schools, we have built specially focused buildings keeping eye on the practicality of classrooms, corridors, canteen, vans, and playground are safe and non hazardous consulting to architects.

At our school all the teachers and staffs are trained on how to make children feel welcomed and safe in every way. To ensure this, we have budgets to enroll our teaching faculties in international trainings and seminars to keep them updated with teaching and learning techniques.  We conduct professional development training for our teachers every Sunday at school.

How do you empower your students to face challenges in real life?

At our school, it is based on inquiry and practical projects, and teachers are facilitating students to achieve these goals from the very beginning of their life. We also have periods of 90 minutes where we focus on group discussions and help them learn the importance of team building and importance of teamwork in real life.

Another important part of progressive education system is that the teacher helps students to relate theoretical knowledge they gain from the classroom to their practical life. In this process of learning we have a community based projects where they learn and develop a sense of empathy and compassion by engaging in community service.  We give our students practical exposure to what they learn in theory with frequent parents and teachers involved activities to prepare them for the real world.

What is the core education philosophy of your school?

We help students to learn from their own experience. We believe if they learn how to learn they become lifelong learners. This is the main philosophy behind progressive education and it is our schools philosophy. Our focus is not only on intellectual development but also social, emotional and physical well being of our students.