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Keeping her head and heels high

The vivacious Sambridi Pradhan started her career as a model after participating in Miss Teen Nepal in 2013. She was recognised as the ‘Best Model’ in Couture Fashion Nepal 2016 and is representing Nepal in Couture Fashion Week New York. In her early twenties, Sambridi loves to travel and the highlight of her escapades is possibly her recent visit to Paris. She has completed her A-levels and wants to pursue a degree in business marketing. Sambridi will soon be spotted at the TGIF Nepal Fashion Week.

Five things people don’t know about you:
• I am soft hearted
• I really love to dance
• I can’t resist chocolates
• I named my pug after my favourite chocolate
• I am a travel freak

Describe yourself in 3 words
Achiever, adventurous, daring

Your biggest strength
Dedication, once I set my mind to do something my passion overcomes my failures. I never lose hope.

Your goal…
To be independent and strong

You are happiest when…
When I know that I am the reason behind someone’s happiness

Fashion is
It’s a style statement of you…the attire you wear provides self expression.

You are secretly afraid of…

Style VS trend
Style for me, as style is what brings in a new trend.

Ten years from now…
I see myself as a successful entrepreneur.

Life is…
Life is beautiful, and there’s so much to smile about.