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Being all she can be WOW BRIDES

Keren Kabo

First date: Matthew and I bonded over our love for football and food! One of our first dates was at a hipster sports bar called the Rhine Haus, during the 2014 world cup. I was a diehard Germany supporter, as was Matthew. As we began watching the game, the weather outside got really bad to the point where the football match that was being screened got cut because of the stormy weather. We had just begun to really get into the game and were super frustrated when the game got cut. So then we left the Rhine Haus in the stormy weather trying to find any other place that was screening the game. Unfortunately, most places were facing the same issues. Nonetheless we were persistent, and finally found a tiny neighborhood restaurant that was empty. Soaking wet from the rain, we went in and requested for them to turn the game on. Finally, we had found a place to watch the game, and were thrilled to see the game where Germany scored 7 goals against Brazil. We were happy to be watching a game we both loved and being able to do it together surrounded with good food and drinks!

The proposal: Matthew proposed and here is how it happened. Matthew had planned the proposal about a month before he actually proposed. He made sure that the ring was just right, he picked a custom made ring by L’amore, New York. Once the ring arrived, he planned the whole proposal around the ring.

With the help of our friends, he set up a beautiful table with tea, candles and flowers and some of my favourite food items. The table was set up in a beautiful spot at Mount Storm, which is a stunning park that over looks the city of Cincinnati.

Matthew got one of his musician friends to play live music, and also asked a friend to hide in the bushes to capture the whole proposal. Though there were some hilarious moments just before he proposed, it was a beautiful proposal filled with love and utter happiness. I couldn’t have asked for more.