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On October 19, Shtrii Shakti inaugurated an art exhibition titled Krama at Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza. The theme of the program was related to the important global and national events taking place regarding empowerment of women. The event showcased a unique perspective through the art works of 13 extraordinary women: Dr Seema Sharma Shah, Jasmine Rajbhandari, Sunita Rana, Bidhata KC, Rashana Bajracharya, Sabita Dangol, Kunti Shree Thapa Magar, Priyanka Singh, Yamuna Shrestha, Sony Rai, Kala Limbu and Bijaya Lawati. “In the ever changing role of women in Nepali society, the rise of female artists in the 21st century is a testament to the changing gender roles in the society. The paintings are of very high quality and it will leave visitors with lasting impressions and appreciation of their artwork”, said Indira Shrestha, the Chief Executive and Founder of Shtrii Shakti.