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Do you feel the biological clock ticking?

Women are looking and feeling younger than ever before. But however good we look and feel for our age, 40 is not the new 30 when it comes to fertility. Most women have no idea how quickly their fertility begins to decline after age 35. It’s not only the quantity of eggs that decline as a woman ages, but it’s the quality as well. Poor egg quality leads to a higher rate of infertility, more frequent miscarriages, and a greater risks for chromosomal disorders in the offspring.

We asked a few career women if they feel the pressure of the biological clck ticking and how they deal with it.

Kreepa Shrestha
Managing Director SUPPLY SUPPORT

As I am aging, my level of acceptance is increasing towards everything; be it my own life or anything in my world. I consciously choose my priorities and this path. I am very content with my life, gathering experiences that strengthen me. A tad wiser and with tough skin, I am not worried about conventions because that doesn’t define me. The essence of being a woman is not limited only to her biology. I believe all lives have a unique journey and that uniqueness should be celebrated not objectified. So the clock is not ticking for me. I am moving with the clock at its own speed, enjoying life as it comes.