WOW | Coffee Break

Is social media ruling your life?

Kreepa Shrestha
Managing Director, Supply Support

There is no escaping it. More pros than cons, it is a force to reckon with. Information in real time, instant connection both publicly and privately, saves time, effort and therefore resources and decisions are made faster. There is a lot of created influence, pushed perspectives. Distance has never been more passé and learning discussions have never been more convenient. However, some of it could be unreal or too hyped from the real core. It is virtually cost free, little input can pull a brand to greater heights, yet the risk of going awry is equally present and material benefit could take longer time. It knows you inside out and will sell and resell information about you not necessarily benefiting to you, an even potentially violating your privacy. Yes, social media rules in today’s time but personally I don’t let it rule me. I use it for positive influence, inspiration and information only and distance myself from unnecessary distraction. I would rather prefer personal touch in all communication to create long term real value.