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Do you feel the biological clock ticking?

Women are looking and feeling younger than ever before. But however good we look and feel for our age, 40 is not the new 30 when it comes to fertility. Most women have no idea how quickly their fertility begins to decline after age 35. It’s not only the quantity of eggs that decline as a woman ages, but it’s the quality as well. Poor egg quality leads to a higher rate of infertility, more frequent miscarriages, and a greater risks for chromosomal disorders in the offspring.

We asked a few career women if they feel the pressure of the biological clck ticking and how they deal with it.

Kripa Basnyat
Gender Equalty and Social Inclusion Expert

Even if you forget that your biological clock is ticking, there are plenty of people around reminding you about it. The funny thing is that the biological clock ticks only if you are “married”. In fact you are made to believe that the biological clock starts clicking the day you get married. We forget that women have their agency to decide about their own body. Sadly, her sexuality becomes everybody’s business and she is forced to give in to societal demands. Nevertheless, one should be able to exercise the right to autonomy and freedom of deciding one’s well being. While you want to believe that the biological clock is ticking, being mentally ready is more important for me. I am much more than my reproductive role!