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Do you feel safe on the internet? What are some things that make you vulnerable and what do you do about it?

Krisha Bajracharya
Proprietor, Durbar Cafe, Music and Lounge and CEO, MN Entertainment

Feeling safe is a big deal for a girl like me who has been cyber bullied in the past. I don’t trust the internet world after the day my facebook account got hacked. Being a vlogger, I have to deal with all the positive and negative sides of internet every single day and also get comments on a daily basis for my youtube channel “Kichhy Vlogs”. Internet is such a safe place for all those coward people who are word warriors behind their screens. They can comment or bully whoever they want and still feel safe.

When my account got hacked I was very normal about it at first but the hacker started abusing my friends through my account and I filed a complaint with the police. Later I found out, there were already a few other girls who had filed similar complaints about the same hacker. In this situation, you feel helpless and you have to go to the police without doubt. For my youtube channel, I deal with it by replying only if necessary or I just report the account to the YouTube team.