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Kritagya Rai
Legal Officer, Forum for Women, Law and Development

Marital Rape is a crime in silence

It is an atrocious crime which we hear about very least as the victims remain in silence only because the crime is done by their spouse. Marital rape is a crime of non-consensual sexual acts by spouse. Still it remains unheard as it is perceived in societies that marriage allows unreserved right to have sexual acts. But does marriage really allow having forceful and non consensual sexual acts? NO! And this is an answer unknown to most of the victims of this despicable crime. Marital rape is a ‘rape’ and not marital immunity and even though the Country Code of Nepal has a separate provision for marital rape under chapter on rape that penalises the convicted with 3-5 years of imprisonment, they are not punished accordingly since victims remain silent, keeping the pain within themselves. A matter to be discussed and to be made aware about!

Coordinated by : Sonu Yonjan Tamang