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Do you feel judged by women on how much money you can make, how you look or how successful you are?

Kshitiz Rai
Global College Of Management

We human beings love to judge others and pass comments; it is a natural instinct. And when it comes to the opposite gender I guess we are extra judgemental. Men and women have different qualities and nature, it’s difficult for a man to understand what a woman feels and vice versa. More than half the years of a woman’s life span is spent with her husband. So, it’s not that big a deal that she judges her future partner.

In my opinion, women are definitely conscious about the potentiality that men possesses, and to some extent they tend to feel safe if the man is financially secure. I feel that women are always judging us on the basis of our capabilities and the type of life they are expecting from us.

Women are very obvious about what they want in life. I think that compels them to judge a man on the basis of their appearance as well.
Since we were kids, men are raised to become guardians and told that we should take care of our family… and that’s why men always feel a pressure to give their best to provide for their woman and family. I take women’s judgement on our income, looks and success as an inspiration for us to do better in life.