WOW | Ed Page

Life is beautiful and bright but it is also dark and challenging

The things that make life beautiful are the things that make your heart happy. The measure of happiness however is so different for each one of us. While some of us are happy with a hot cup of tea and the sun shining on our face on a winter morning, for some it is acquiring a new business deal or a brand new car or a set of diamonds. It doesn’t really matter what makes you smile but what does matter is the sense of purpose you carry in life. And then perhaps it is time to ask yourself is your happiness from moment to moment — here just now and gone again, or is it a lasting sense of peace and purpose. Are you making the world a better place even if it means touching one life and making it better, or are you living only for yourself? Do you find yourself on a constant search for the next moment of high or do you live with clarity, focus and less internal resistance?

Life is beautiful and bright but it is also dark and challenging… and we are often tested. Staying strong and undefeated is not easy but it is also the only way to stand tall. Change can be hard, you can lose interest, you may feel defeated, you may be surrounded by unmet expectations, disappointment or grief… but the thing to remember is that none of these are constant. Just as we do not question when happiness touches us… perhaps it is better to accept what we consider to be bad things happening to us, and through this acceptance find the clarity to the path outside of the situation.

Living in an age of entitlement and technology, we exist in two dimensions – the real and the virtual. We are constantly looking for new and better things. Our definition of happiness often confined to selfie moments, likes and comments. Perhaps it is time to slow down and enjoy the real moments … living in a cellular world what you are afraid of missing out on is what you are really missing out on – the actual moments.

The frozen smile on the camera will fade with time, you missed the aroma of the beautifully cooked food in getting the angle right, group hugs became just a frame as you went back with your soul untouched by laughter among friends, that intimate touch got lost in finding the best background… technology changed and somewhere you got left behind just as the generations before you.
We are human and we will make mistakes… the thing to remember is we are also running out of time. Let not our struggles determine who we are, let not what others think decide what we do, let not the purpose of life be wasted or lost.