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Life has a beautiful rhythm

Life has a beautiful rhythm… just like breath, or the waves in the ocean or the sand sifting between our feet or blades of long grass dancing in the wind or the ripple of sunlight on water. Our life changes every moment – in our conscious state and without us being aware… thousands of time per day, and yet it is all held together seamlessly in an unbroken movement. And that perhaps is the miracle of life.


Sometimes, when a rhythm breaks and you are filled with overwhelming sadness, pain and grief, you question life, you question the pain, you are filled with self doubt and fear, you are angry and hurt all at once. It’s not easy but in that moment if you focus on your breath, you will be drawn to a place deep inside that is calm and quiet and beautiful.

One afternoon as I sat in quiet practice, the late afternoon sun rays washing over me, the tree outside my window deeply majestic with its leaves swaying in the wind, the sound of the wind chime… I was filled with peace… and then I was struck by a deep realisation: I was my breath… It was that thread of breath that was allowing me to sit kneeled on the floor in meditation… if it were gone I would never see or feel or touch or sit. And yet I spent entire days without a thought to it.

A few days into this contemplative state, I came across the book – When Breath Becomes Air… a story of a young doctor, dying, understanding, living. The author ponders on what makes life worth living in the face of death? What do you do when the future, no longer a ladder toward your goals in life, flattens out into a perpetual present?

…Truth be told and when you really think about it, isn’t this true of every moment… and yet we believe we have all the time in the world.

We postpone holidays, hugs and meaningful conversations, waiting for that perfect moment. We are caught up in the frenzy of making it to our office, meeting deadlines, showing up at parties, listening to boring speeches, making small chit chat, catching up to the latest trend… families suffer, health suffers, equanimity suffers. But that’s just how it is…most of us think, but is it? Every breath, every moment presents itself to us fresh… we fill it with the choices we make. Feeling incapacitated about life is no way to live. Not all of us were made to be millionaires, politicians, scientists or administrators… some of were made to dream and paint and write poetry, till the land, grow fruits, explore the seas and travel. Some of us were made just to be home makers and mothers and fathers. And whatever it is that we do, we were meant to put our hearts and our souls into it, to do it with love and passion and meaning… to use life as a privilege and to know the body as tool to experience the world.

I have come to learn that to live as though each moment is the last, to engage with life completely, to live to our highest potential is the only way to be truly alive… making every breath count!