WOW | Ed Page

Life is too short to be small

‘Life is too short to be small’… is a quote I keep returning to. I remember as a kid the day would seem endless… I always had enough and more time to do the things I had to plus explore the world as a curious eight year old. The concept of time did not really matter. I had enough time to study, read books, play, run, laugh, imagine and dream. Over the years, it feels like time is getting shorter… there are just not enough hours to do all the things you have to and yet have the time to do the things you want to. When did life become this balancing act, I wonder.   

Time is almost like a thread that unrolls faster as you reach the end. I see people walking with phones to their ears, foreheads scrunched in a frown, eating on the go, working on the go, rushed, impatient, angry, worried … almost as though racing against time. What really makes me think hard then is where are you running to, and what for?

Life is brilliant, fragile and transient, all at once. Yet this magical gift of life almost always turns into mere existence. We see qualities of kindness, compliance, forgiveness, compassion as weakness today. Success is cloaked in wealth, status and power. Poetry and art, nature and craft, conversations and faith hold little appeal, today it’s about acquiring more of everything that will outlast your life.

Create time to reflect and revel in your life, to celebrate and honour goodness, to enjoy the changing seasons, to be a part of the tapestry and rhythm of nature, to learn, unlearn and relearn what you must, to share what you can when you can, to be with family and friends, to savour little moments, to make the best of what you have, to leave what you touch a little better than you found it, to give yourself completely to the moment, to understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom, to know when to hold on and when to let go, to allow stillness.