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“Life Is Wild & Experiences Are Important”

Arpana Rayamajhi is not an unfamiliar name to those who love fashion and style. She has become a sensation in New York with her unique approach and experimental flair. The model/jewellery designer has been featured in some of the biggest international magazines and has recently commissioned jewellery pieces for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She undoubtedly spells creativity and flamboyance, and as you read her interview you will know why…

What makes Arpana Rayamajhi?

Every day I learn that I am more complex and I am constantly changing. So, I don’t know if I would ever have an answer to this question.

How do you feel to have garnered so many international successes?

It’s always surreal to think and reflect back on some of the projects I have worked on. Victoria’s Secret was one of the most unexpected projects I have done and it happened in a very story-like manner. I worked on it secretly for three months without telling anyone. Vogue has been a huge supporter. In fact, my first ever proper press feature in the West was the American Vogue; that sets the standard so high for your own self that you always feel like you have to up your game. I have been fortunate enough to be now featured in Harper’s Bazaar Japan, Vogue India and Elle India, Vogue France and Elle France. It may sound like I am name dropping but really it’s very surreal seeing myself there. Also, working on True Match L’Oreal advertisement is still a shocker, same as being featured in The New York Times 30 under 30. All I can say is, life is wild and experiences are important.

Of your many successes, what do you consider to be your biggest achievement?

I do not know what success means yet. But with every project I have done, be it as a designer or as a model, I learn something that has taught me to navigate this world and know myself better.

What is keeping you busy?

I am always busy working! Currently, I am in the process of releasing two of my series: Narcissist and Diamonds with a Story (my first ever fine line diamond and gold series) featuring Australian diamonds that can be tracked from the mine to the supplier making it conflict-free. It’s my first ever venture into diamonds and precious stones, I jumped right into it after Herring & Herring discovered me and my work. Besides that, I am modelling on the side for which I have a few projects in conversation.

What makes your jewellery distinct?

My sincerity and my willingness to not have any boundaries or feel confined by the market, trend or someone else’s thoughts – even my own for that matter.

Arpana`s take on Jewellery trends

Fragrance-infused jewellery: Sounds like something I should be doing.

Spiritual jewellery (crystals, special stones, et cetera) for wellness/healing/luck: I am into mysterious things and I personally wouldn’t just consume it because it’s labelled ‘spiritual’ but I think crystals and stones are beautiful. I am always open to working with them.

Chunky tribal jewellery: YES…YES…YES

Tassels: Yes!

Chokers: Have I said yes too many times? Vintage pearls: Beautiful. Layering: ALWAYS!

Who do you deem as your muse?

I don’t have any muse; if I have to name someone then maybe it would be Bjork. I am pretty much inspired by everything.

Your goal in life

Is to be at peace with myself and be surrounded by my loved ones, continue being creative and eventually to accept death however it may come.

Fashion is…

I am interested in style and I love when people are able to look past all trends, ‘what’s in’ and ‘how to be’ and rather focus on being themselves. Its super cliché to say that but the number of people I have seen who try so hard to be fashionable shocks me. It’s all about labels, and who’s who and I cannot stand the superficiality of it at all. Social media has taken the superficiality to a whole new level. I have seen people, who might wear a $1000 Hermes Scarf, but one can’t even tell the worth of the scarf. On the other side, there are people who wear second-hand clothes with so much personality that it makes everything about them look very considered and stylish. Fashion for me is a creative world, where art and vanity co-exist. They are in conflict with each other all the time. It’s got the best of the best and the worst of the worst but if I may say this, I am critical of everything, including myself. However, one thing that I feel like is unfair is how people are just so quick to hate on fashion without understanding the inner workings of it. Fashion creates a world of its own and the creative inhabit it.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now…

Heading closer and closer to understanding myself.