WOW | Ed Page

Life is still beautiful and sustaining

I sat by the window trying to drown the million voices shouting in my head. What do I believe… and what not. Should I listen to my heart or to my head… A whisper of cool wind touched my face and reminded me to breathe. Why this? Why now? Hot tears coursed down my face as I tried to hold in the pain. A personal incident that shook the ground beneath my feet was forcing me to look at the very nature of life.

But despite the raging storm inside, this time there was a silent untouched space deep inside. It was almost as though I was watching the unfolding from a place aside. And even as I cried tears of hurt and pain, I knew my answers from within. I knew instinctively what I wanted to hold on to and what I would let go.

Someone once wisely said: How many scars do we justify because we loved the person holding the knife? Life never gives up testing you. And each journey you begin must weather the sunshine and the storms. I know this now more definitely than ever. But I also know that I can always reach into the silent space and allow life to take its course.

We are conditioned to always react and respond, but sometimes sitting in silence can be the best thing you can do. It does not mean you are defeated or you lack the courage, it simply means that you know what’s more important to you. It also means you know how to carry the scars life metes out to you. Sustaining hate and anger is a self lacerating action. Finding the courage to hear what you already know but don’t want to deal with is sometimes necessary to understand your truth.

In any adverse situation, in any moment when life challenges you and forces you to your knees, it may be wise to stop and listen to your beating heart… to acknowledge and appreciate the gift of life… to find that space within which knows with absolute clarity what you must do next… and then find the courage to do it.

People change. Life events happen. Relationships fail. There are rarely clear cut heroes or villains. Just people trying to do the best they can. And when you know this, you also begin to understand poetry, sandstorms, falling rain, broken people, unfinished dreams… and you also understand that life is more than all of this.

No one can truly understand your journey nor walk it for you… but life is still beautiful and sustaining, and every cell in your body, every beat of your heart, every breath wants you to give life a chance.