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Life Without Social Media

If it’s not on Instagram, it did not happen; if not for Facebook I wouldn’t know my spouse’s birthday: If it weren’t for the virtual world life could be boring… OR would it? Let’s find out.

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha

Rojisha Shahi

I clearly remember the time I created my first social media account back in 2009; it was the biggest thing for almost everyone. As a teenager, I was influenced by everything that happened on Facebook. I still remember posting motivational quotes, pictures of food, and my filtered photos where people could not see any of my breakouts. Fast forward to 2019 and I am still doing it. I don’t see my personal growth on the Internet besides moving from Facebook to Instagram or the fluctuation of likes, followers and comments. However, at the beginning of 2018, I decided to leave social media till October for self-reflection. No matter how glossy and picturesque my Instagram account was, I knew that social media was pulling me down in so many ways:

1. The toxic updates of the people who I don’t meet or care about enough to know.
2. The constant comparison between me and my social media ‘friends’
3. The incessant battle with the number of followers was the ultimate standard or parameters that I needed to have in order to be cast in movies or advertisements.

I won’t say that social media is the worst thing that could happen to humanity, but I am sure that it is not one of the best things either. Social media can definitely be a scary place as once we join a platform we seemingly lack compassion and judge ourselves or others too quickly. Times would be simpler, relationships closer, and it may reduce depression and anxiety without social media. There is a saying that ‘too much sugar can be bitter.’ Well, social media was invented to bring us together; too much social media has also torn us apart. This is the irony of life!