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Life Without Social Media

If it’s not on Instagram, it did not happen; if not for Facebook I wouldn’t know my spouse’s birthday: If it weren’t for the virtual world life could be boring… OR would it? Let’s find out.

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha

Harshawardhan Vira Shahani
CEO & Founder at V-Chitra

Like everything else, social media has its own pros and cons which goes as follows:

Pros: It helps bring families living in different corners of the world closer. Help spread the social message faster, the news is more easily consumed by a wider audience and also aids in times of natural calamities. Helps create a professional network over different geographies and industries. Helps establish small businesses and start ups at a fraction of the cost.

Cons: Your private life will remain private and not be a public gallery. No more faking false glory or perfections. What you eat will be limited to the knowledge of the people at your dining table. Lastly, no more stalkers.

In the end all depends on your prudent usage of a very popular and powerful media. Anything in excess can be detrimental. The more grounded you are in your authentic value as a human being; the less likely you are to be negatively affected by it. Be aware of the digital footprint you are creating and for what purpose.