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Life Without Social Media

If it’s not on Instagram, it did not happen; if not for Facebook I wouldn’t know my spouse’s birthday: If it weren’t for the virtual world life could be boring… OR would it? Let’s find out.

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha

Evesh Basnet
Digital Media Marketing Head, Capital Eye

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese! Free time will lose its charm without any access to trending videos and those fun Instagram stories. How would the world see my creative side?

I earn my bread and butter through digital media marketing, so for me, I even can’t imagine my life without it. I was always fascinated with the virtual world when I was in my teens opening and closing my eyes with Hi5 and MSN messenger. Those bling words and emojis – just can’t resist.

According to statistics, there are 9.6 million active social media users in Nepal, so how could I be left behind. Any given individual will check their phone on an average of 100 times a day. I took the liberty to count one day, and it is close enough!. I spend a mindless number of hours scrolling through my news feed, checking the latest updates, browsing through what’s trending, what are the digital campaigns brands are doing and all to repeat the cycle a mere few minutes later. Not to forget I rely heavily on Whatsapp and Messenger for my day-to-day tasks, all my friends, families and clients are on Whatsapp or Messenger.

Within social media networks, I am able to represent myself however I like, manage my reputation and personality, and create niches that weren’t there before. What social networking means to me personally is a way to reach people that might be inaccessible to me in real life, whether because of age or socioeconomic status or geographic hurdles. It’s also a way to explore and find out more about different ideas and cultures…it’s the water-cooler section of the Internet.