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Life Without Social Media

If it’s not on Instagram, it did not happen; if not for Facebook I wouldn’t know my spouse’s birthday: If it weren’t for the virtual world life could be boring… OR would it? Let’s find out.

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha

Saniaa Shah
Marketing & Communications Manager, NeoVentures

I remember reading an article by Mark Manson titled “Smartphones are the new cigarettes”. As clichéd as it sounds, I’d like to add to that by saying, social media is the new drug. I think life without social media would mean being able to live in the present instead of escaping into a never-ending newsfeed of all kinds of content. There’d be no pressure to ‘like’ someone’s post or share pictures of my amazing vacation. Best of all, I wouldn’t be seeking social validation for my lifestyle or life decisions. That sure sounds like a refreshing new reality to me…

We all need a social media detox once in a while to regain confidence, contentment and authenticity as human beings. Without Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we may return to old-fashioned means of communication, but imagine all the books and movies one would suddenly find time for! It’s like a dream.