WOW | Ed Page

Life’s reality is to keep all your doors open

I look out of my window and see the winter sun streaming warmly onto the faces of the kids playing in the open field. My eyes rest on a joyful bunch of young teenagers who are trying dance moves in complete abandonment. There is no music but every part of their body seems to be responding to an happy inner beat. It’s contagious – this feeling of happiness, and for no reason I feel light as a floating cloud. I welcome it with a deep sense of gratitude.

There have been some tough decisions and circumstances to get through these past weeks and it has had moments that were overwhelming, frustrating and downright unhappy. I have learnt that fighting such upheaval is not the answer; instead it is to find the empty space within you.

And in moments of quiet reflection, I often think of this empty space that we are so bent upon cluttering with thoughts, emotions and noise. And reality is that there is no empty space, it is always just you. So when I actually find instances of transformation, I am thankful for the process.

I came across this beautiful quote on the internet:

Grapes must be crushed to make wine, diamonds are formed under pressure, olives are pressed to release oil, seeds grow in darkness. Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness. You are in a powerful place of transformation and transmutation. Trust the process.

Life’s reality is to keep all your doors open: for rain, sunshine, storm or wind… and to know yourself in the ordinary, natural and real.