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Lingerie love

Wearing beautiful lingerie does not only boost your confidence but also spices up things in the bedroom. After visiting numerous lingerie stores in town, the WOW team collected some of the sauciest and naughtiest available in the market.

The Peach

The peach lace set by Jilong promises to make a woman feel sexy and seductive without making her look like she’s trying too hard. The sexy lace and the feminine colours definitely spell the right balance between sultry and cute. With this number on, your man might not be able to keep his hands off from you.

Perfect for: Passionate lovemaking.
Make your move: Wrap your arms around him and gently drag your nails across his back, applying as little pressure as possible.

Subtly Sexy

The saying ‘looks can be deceiving’ perfectly fits this solid grey set. Although it might look subtle at first glance, when you put it on, it promises to bring out the temptress in you.

Perfect for: Slow and steady love making
Make your move: Wake him up with the feel of your mouth between his legs. Then gently kiss and lick him.

Go Nude!

Whoever said “nude lingerie is a big no-no for men”, this sexy number from Jilong is all set to accept the challenge. It promises to accentuate curves and shape the best to feed the mood.

Perfect for: Quickies
Make your move: Do a lot of sexy talks, heavy breathing, lots of kissing and petting.


Where to buy?
Meesa Clothing Store Kuleshor, Kathmandu
Price Range: Starting from Rs. 1,350
Facebook: @im.meesa

Strap It Up

Dare to bear in this sexy bralette! With strappy details and barely-there feel, this bralette will have you feeling sexy and comfortable.

Perfect for: Easy lovemaking
Make your move: Try exhaling on your partner’s skin. Go slow and continue the foreplay for a longer time.


Mix & Match

For those with a heavy top and small bottom, mix-match your lingerie. Try combing a black push up demi bra with multicoloured thongs.

Perfect for: Unexpected sex
Make your move: Start touching yourself before he starts touching you.

Get naughty

Just because you stay in on a Saturday night doesn’t mean you can’t get decked out. Put on this black nightgown, team it up with a pair of heels, and have more fun than you possibly could out on the town.

Perfect for: Kinky sex
Make your move: Have him tie your hands with a scarf and hang them on a hook on his door and let him treat you like a sex toy.

Where to buy?

Secrets by Prettyclick Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Price Range: Starting from Rs. 1,350
Facebook: @prettyclick010

Red Siren

Since red is the colour of love, slay the game with this plunging red bra. The sexy front opening of the bra will definitely bring out the animal in him.

Perfect for: Wild times
Make your move: Give a little lap dance!

Bold & Beautiful

This light pink number from Wonder is best for those who want to make a bold statement without too much effort.

Perfect for: Steady and passionate lovemaking
Make your move: Remove his tie, wrap it around his eyes as a blindfold, and then start kissing him in surprising places.

Where to buy?

Bwitch Nepal Kupondole, Lalitpur
Price Range: Starting from Rs. 4,200
Facebook: @bwitch Nepal