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Lipi Nakha

On June 29, Lipi Guthi and Callijatra organised the first ever ‘Lipi Nakha’ in Basantapur. The art and calligraphy exhibition was focused on showcasing works based on Ranjana Lipi by various artists and designers. Lipi Nakha has provided a platform to showcase Ranjana Lipi which is one of many scripts of Nepal Bhasa and is recognised as a national script. The event hosted multiple exhibits and stalls that showcased art, calligraphy and conceptual pieces created with Ranjana Lipi at its center. The program also had various interactive booths for a quick introduction to the script, as well as for having one’s name written in Ranjana Lipi.

Ananda Maharjan, team leader of Callijatra, shared “A script starts dying when it falls out of use. We feel it is our duty to preserve such an important national script.”   Similarly, Sunita Dangol, program co-ordinator of Callijatra, said, “It was the first time such an event was even attempted. We do feel encouraged but also see areas for improvements. As people who can take Ranjana to a wider audience, it is our responsibility to put our best foot forward.”