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Living My Dream – KHAALISISI


Turning trash into treasure

“At first people were not ready to accept my choice of work but when my father hugged me after seeing me work without a care about what others thought when they saw me clearing trash at my sister’s college event… I realised yes, I am doing the right thing,” shares Aayushi KC who had a well paying job with USAID but left it to become a waste entrepreneur.

Aayushi always wanted to start her own business. She loves to challenge herself. While working in different jobs, she ensured that she established her excellence and worth. She decided to integrate trash collection with digital technology and that marked the beginning of Khaalisisi Management. Not many had faith in her idea or the fact that it could be a successful venture.

She did extensive research on her own and registered her company as a Kabadiwala with the Company Registrar office. Khaalisisi is a networking site that replicates Uber but in terms of trash by dividing Kathmandu valley into different clusters from where it is collected. There are more than 150 people now involved with Khaalisisi. It is a business model that hits the need for an efficient trash collection system. Her big vision is to implement zero waste in Nepal.