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Living My Dream – MakerKT WORKSHOP


Offers feminist workshops promoting Do It Yourself!

MakerKT wants to spark a maker culture among Nepali women so that they are empowered by the awareness of their abilities, eager to create things on their own, and undaunted by the prospect of tool use. They offer DIY (do it yourself) workshops as a form of feminist activism. Priya Joshi is the initiator of the MakerKT workshop.

It organised a five week MakerKT workshop from June to July 2015 where 13 women ranging from 19 to 32 years of age came together to make stuff. And by the end of the workshop there were a variety of products created by the participants. Inspired by the response to the original #MakerKT workshop, they continue to offer maker-related workshops and sessions. In the past year, in addition to the five week workshop, it has held bicycle repair and maintenance sessions, WordPress website workshops, electrical home maintenance classes, an app making workshop, motorcycle and scooter maintenance workshop, crochet, jeweler design, a girls-only kite flying party and had a welding station at last year’s Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire.

For any woman who wants to make things on her own or wants to learn basic skills so that she can be more independent, MakerKT workshops offer solutions in a fun learning environment. “I love that women of different types of backgrounds (age, ethnicity, education, profession) come and learn and do things they never thought they could,” shares Priya who measures success by the number of women she has been able to inspire.