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Turning ideas into reality: working in the field of robotics and automation

Paaila Technology is a start-up venturing in the field of robotics and automation. It was founded in December 2016 with an initial investment of Rs 10 lakhs by a group of engineering graduates to produce automation products for Nepali households and venture in the field of robotics, and eventually become a key player in robotics at the global level.

This young and amazing team has designed and developed a robot named Pari for Nepal SBI Digital InTouch branch at Durbar Marg. Pari has been able to create a new market segment of robotics in Nepal. Application of service oriented robots is huge and it’s slowly gaining recognition all over the world.

The group of youngsters are in there twenties and started out as a six member team. Today they have grown bigger and comprise of Binay Raut, Dip Kamal Bhusal, Niraj Basnet, Rabin Giri, Sagar Shrestha, Wasim Akram Khan, Aauysh Kasajoo, Anish Shrestha, Narayan Prasad Nepal, Anil Kamat, Anil Sapkota, Bibek Bhandari, Trishik Shrestha.