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For the love of leather

Since childhood Bilal Ahmed Shah was fascinated with leather jackets. Inside him was always the thought of improvising his father’s leather jacket. He dropped out of college in the midst of his engineering studies in India and came back to Nepal much to the angst of his family. One night he had a huge argument with his parents and reality hit him that he had to do something worthwhile to prove himself to his family. He chose the path of entrepreneurship.

He decided to restart his father’s leather business which had closed down a year back because of low market competence. He began with manufacturing customised leather jackets, bags and accessories, and after three years opened a showroom called, Latido Leathers with the theme ‘be who you are’. Latido means beat in Spanish and Bilal relates this to his heartbeat.

He enjoys the chaos of being an entrepreneur, and chooses to love the dark and difficult where there is no certainty of success, but clearly knowing that he is following his heart.

He feels success is overrated. He says, “When I look around I see so many people in their late thirties, forties regretting the things they should have done earlier. I want to make sure that I don’t feel the same way. I can live with failure but not with regret.”