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Livon Diva

Divas know what they want and they’re not afraid to get it. These young women are strong, independent, successful and often seen as role-models by their peers and juniors.

Livon hair care products are widely trusted and used by people of all ages, and the Livon serum is hugely popular with young women.

In this edition of WOW, Livon brings you the top five winners of the LIVON DIVA and the new Livon Cover Girl, selected after a careful process that had mentors and role models go to several colleges in the country to talk about various issues that can enable young women to look and be their best. Advertising experts V-Chitra short listed the top 30 participants and the top 10 among them were presented before a panel of judges comprised of ace photographer Manish and acclaimed makeup artiste Sizi Thapa. Theses who made it to the top five have been through a WOW makeover under their expert hands and the results are being shared with our readers in this issue along with expert tips on becoming a diva. The fabulous five are Nirikshya Shahi, Sambridhi Karki, Amisha Rai, Aastha Malekoo and Sushmita Tuladhar.

Nirikshya Shahi, student of Olympia World College loves sports and is a big fan of the national goalkeeper, Arpan Karki. Shahi is in her late teens and aspires to be a successful model. She is the winner of Livon Diva 2017 and the cover girl for WOW.

Sambriddhi Karki is a student at the Nicholson Higher Secondary School. A book worm who is also fond of dancing, she wants to explore the world and be all that she can be.

Sweet and bubbly, Amisha Rai wants to become an airhostess. She is currently studying Hotel Management at Peoples College.

Aastha Malekoo, student of BBA at Quest International College loves sketching and music. This young fashionista wants to eventually pursue a career in modelling.

Gorgeous Sushmita Tuladhar wants to follow modelling as her dream career and has great confidence that she will achieve success in her choice of career.