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Lockdown Life Lessons

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shress/ Sabina Mainali

Kumar Thapa
Principal, Brihaspati Vidyasadan

This lockdown has reinforced my biggest realisation of how fortunate I am with regard to my family and profession.

• First and foremost, the lockdown brought to light the beauty of life in little things with the family. One should never take the family for granted irrespective of what happens, your first responsibility lies towards your family. I have learnt that amassing accessories and amenities is worthless. It’s people around you who make you happy.

• My second learning is on the Conspiracy Theory. I realised that when some event or situation such as COVID 19 surfaces, people generally find it difficult to comprehend its essence because it is apparently complicated. Hence, we must turn off breaking news thereby breaking away from rumours to get to the facts.

• My third learning is to focus on new possibilities. Any disruption will pass at a cost over time. Who had ever imagined that we would be breathing such fresh air even in this hustle-bustle of the 21st century? I am investing all this time to reinvent myself; reflect while adapting to this new situation and developing as a better human being.

Moreover, I would value my family more than ever. I would endeavour to grasp facts over-exaggeration. I would look at a possibility across anything.

Alex Shrestha
Architect & Urban Planner, Wonaw and Associates

• Life is uncertain so live it to the fullest and make the most of your everyday experiences. Catch up on things that you never had time for. Appreciate your family and friends, and cherish every moment with them.

• It is high time that we realise the intricate relationship that we have with nature to live a happy and healthy life, so let’s all make changes to our lifestyle and learn to live sustainably.

• Always have an emergency preparedness plan and set aside some savings to pull you through natural calamities and surprises that life may throw at you.

Diwakar Rajkarnikar
Chairman, The Hidden Treasure

• Spending time with family and having a real conversation at home that instills family value and gives insight into heritage and culture.

• Health should be the first priority as this lockdown has shown that our basic needs are most important along with having a good support system. Wealth, fame and others should take a back seat on our priority list.

• Life is unpredictable so it is important to live in the moment and enjoy life while ensuring you are prepared to face surprises thrown at you.

Sabir Raj Shrestha
Managing Director, Shrestha & Sons Aluminium
International Marketing Manager, RR Agro Concern

• Business should be nimble and agile: The global pandemic has led the whole world to recession directly affecting trade, business and other aspects. As an entrepreneur, we should never stop and wait for the right time, instead we should use different circumstances as a part of the opportunity, and we need to create products according to the demand. For example, companies in Italy have used a different method of surviving, Ferrari made ventilators for hospitals, Armani started production of face masks, Dolce and Gabbana made personal protective equipment – just because they understood the need.

• Incompetency of government: It has been a pretty long time that the whole country is in lockdown and yes this action was done measuring the safety of the public. But lockdown alone cannot solve the problem. Many steps should have been taken from the government’s side. Promoting the production of hand sanitisers, PPE, face mask are being done by the private sector but the government should have directly involved in it rather than importing it from other countries. Keeping the general public inside their homes and quickly taking action could have made our country strong enough to fight against the pandemic. Rather than thinking about the comfort zone of government bodies, they could have invested in purchasing medical equipment for government hospitals.

• Learn to love local: Looking at the agricultural sector, we are finally giving more importance to our local farmers. Earlier local farmers were not able to compete with the price of products being imported. Only if the government helps farmers to promote local vegetables, Nepal being an agricultural country can increase its self-sufficiency along with long term benefits.

Sumit Pratap JB Rana
Chairman, Kasthamandap TV/ Rajya TV/ JBR Agency
Managing Director, Yes TV

• The biggest lesson for me was to realise that it is absolutely okay to take a break at times. For the last few years, I had completely immersed myself in expanding my business. Life at this pace was a little unusual for me at first. But now I am happy that I got to spend a lot of time with my family, cherishing the simple things in life like good sleep, delicious home-cooked meals, giving time to my dog, and simply being surrounded by my loved ones.

• Another thing that I observed was that power and money alone can’t save lives. Even the most powerful and highly developed countries are having a tough time dealing with the virus and the consequences it will bring in the future. People are starving, business houses are collapsing, and the economy is crashing. Times like this teach us the importance of financial preparedness, savings and to constantly look for new business modules to take on other contingency plans.

• Being in the media industry, I have realised that media is a very powerful tool to get correct news and information to the public. My team has been working day and night for this, risking their lives. I try to look out for them and provide them the best working environment, and support in every way possible. Along with authentic news, entertainment and refreshment are also equally essential in times like this, so kudos to your team for bringing out such interesting content even during the lockdown.