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Love at first sight

Although in her early teens, Angel Lama realised that she was a girl trapped in the wrong body. She was only able to come out in the open about her true identity in 2017. Angel is a student of design and has always been passionate about modelling. At a beauty pageant, she met her partner Saurav Shrestha, currently a volunteer at the Blue Diamond Society. The two instantly connected and fell in love. It took her time and courage to confess to Saurav about her true identity. Saurav also needed time to accept the truth. But the two proved that in the end, love always wins.

What do you admire about your partner?

Angel: I really love the way he smiles. Apart from that, I adore his supportive nature.
Saurav: She is pure at heart. Her caring nature is what I admire the most.

What challenges have you faced as heterosexual couple?

Angel: Although my mum has accepted our relationship, his parents are still unaware that I am a transgender. We have gathered the courage to speak out the truth through this interview. We are very hopeful that they will understand.
Saurav: Initially I was under the impression that she was a woman. When I got to know she is a transgender, it became difficult for me to accept it. I was very confused as there were many social barriers. However, with time I realised, I am in love with her and not with her sexuality.

What do you miss the most about each other when you are apart?

Angel: I am very emotionally attached to him. He has been my biggest support in every phase of my life; he is my Superman. So, I miss everything about him when we are apart.
Saurav: She is my soulmate. It feels like we are two bodies with one soul. So, I can’t express in words how much I miss her when we are apart.

What is love?
Angel: Love is a combination of two souls
Saurav: Understanding each other and being ready to sacrifice for each other is what I call love

The most romantic moment…
Angel: The day he proposed me
Saurav: When she said yes!

The most memorable date…
Angel/Saurav: Actually it sounds a bit absurd but we’ve not gone for any dates as such. We just love to travel together or watch movies at home

What makes you WOW couple?

Angel/Saurav: We’re a WOW couple because we’ve accepted each other for who we are. We are each other’s biggest strength.

What message would you want to give to the world?

Angel:  Make your identity your strength, not your weakness. If you want to change, be the change. It’s people’s perspective that needs to change not your love.
Saurav: I would tell everyone to be true to yourself and challenge the challenges!