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Love Of Beauty Is Taste Creation Of Beauty Is Art – Sizi Thapa

Sizi Thapa, professional makeup artist is not only extremely talented, she’s personable, funny, hard working and versatile. Her landscape are the faces she works on and she specialises in special effects. Her work keeps her travelling between Myanmar, Thailand and Nepal. Deeply passionate about her work, Sizi finds creative release in special effects, always pushing herself to achieve untested boundaries of her art.  She grew up in Hong Kong and followed the fashion and makeup dictates with a keen sense of observation eventually getting into the profession herself.

“Makeup is no different than clothes and accessories, it’s embellishments for your face. And it also gives you creative freedom. You get to have that moment in front the mirror every morning and give yourself self love. You’re making yourself up beautiful, which is essentially self-love.” – Michelle Phan

Describe yourself in 3 words
Happy, free spirited and optimist

Your biggest strength
My Parents

Your goal
To live every single day happily

You are happiest when…
My loved ones tell me how proud I make them!

What are the three tools in your make up kit that you can never be without?
Makeup brushes, Giffarine Products and Lipsticks

Fashion is…
An individual choice

You are secretly afraid of…
People’s minds because they can be sweet yet nasty!

Style VS trend
Style because it makes you stand out from crowd

Ten years from now…
Big happy family

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