WOW | Ed Page

Love is how you Stay Alive, Even after you are gone.

Today, sadly many relationships are formed on the basis of suitability. Based on status, money, convenience among many other reasons. A man must be able to provide, a woman must look a certain way… facebook and instagram have become the route of expression. We don’t have the time to cuddle and enjoy a cup of coffee together, but we use these platforms to talk to each other – two people on a table not even two feet apart, but living in two virtual worlds… Our feel good comes from the number of likes on each post. Our lives in pictures. I use facebook too. In fact it provides me a great platform to network and market my work. Yet on an individual level, I often feel vulnerable when I share my personal life through social media. I feel that part of me is sacred and must remain untouched.

Today, we live by our watches, the calendar – a reminder on the desk, we exist in minutes, measure time… fall in love, grow out of it, break our heart, lose the head, carry the scars, but all the time forgetting to live, to really live and to

I have never thought too much about being loved… being enveloped by it all the time. I may even have taken it for granted at times. And now with the passing years I grow to appreciate it more and more each moment. Today I know love is a privilege. And love comes from me.

In the different phases of life, it varies. It comes in a storm of colors and hues. It makes you feel happy and sad and exhilarated and miserable. It makes you feel ugly and beautiful. It completes you and it leaves you with a sense of longing. It makes you want to climb mountains and it makes you want to settle in a calm sea. It’s possible and impossible all at the same time. And in time, you understand that what you knew to be love is just a small aspect of it. And you begin to understand, love is all about you. It is just the way you are…

I have come to understand that where there is love there is surrender, there is madness, and there is magic… and there is life. I have also come to understand that love is not just outward, it is first the journey within. Life as we know it will end, but love doesn’t.