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Love is the prize

Since his school days, Sushil Sunar was more comfortable socialising with men who showed feminine traits.  However, it was only after high school that he became truly aware of his sexual orientation. Around two and half years back Sushil met his partner Sandeep GM. At that time, Sushil was working as a programme host at a FM Station and Sandeep was a regular caller. One day, Sandeep came to the station to collect his prize and met Sushil; they instantly bonded. Their friendship grew deeper and soon they were in a relationship.

Sushil is a third-year bachelor student and working with the Blue Diamond Society spreading awareness about HIV prevention. While Sandeep is currently undertaking a barista training.

What do you admire about your partner?

Sushil: His smile and reserved personality.
Sandeep: His caring nature.

What is the best part of your relationship?

Sushil/Sandeep: Our relationship is built on the foundation of respect; we can never say no to each other.

How supportive has society been about your relationship?

Sushil: Society is changing gradually but that doesn’t mean everything has changed in a distinct way. People say it is very easy to make educated people understand but in our case it is different. Rather uneducated people are supporting our relationship than those who are well educated. Basically, it all comes down to people personal understanding.
Sandeep: When a male and female walk in the street hand in hand people will accept it but in our case, people start raising their eyebrows.

What is love?
Sushil/Sandeep: Love is finding your soulmate

The most romantic moment…
Sushil: We missed the bus while travelling to Swargadwari temple in Pyuthan. Then we got onto another bus which left us halfway. We had to walk for hours to get to the lodge. Walking with Sushil in that scary jungle, holding each other’s hand was super romantic.
Sandeep: When he kisses me in the midst of a conversation

The most memorable date…
Sushil/Sandeep: Recently we visited Kalinchok, Dolakha which was very memorable for us That journey changed our relationship from friendship to companionship. We felt for each other more seriously on that trip and confessed our feelings to each other

What makes you a WOW Couple?

Sushil: We’ve found both a best friend and a companion in one single person.
Sandeep: Being supportive of one another.

What message would you want to give to the world?

Sushil: I wish our marriage will get the significance just like any other marriage in the society.
Sandeep: It is hard to make people understand LGBT relationships. I belong to a very rural place where it is unacceptable. I wish people from every corner of the nation will someday learn about it and accept it.