WOW | Ed Page

Love the simple things in life

When did life get so complicated? – I stop and ask myself this whenever I feel like I am running out of time, juggling too many things, am overwhelmed, anxious or out of sorts… and just haven’t stopped to see the blueness of the sky, breathe in the gentle morning air, or listen to the sound of birds.

I love the simple things in life… I have consciously learnt to appreciate the little moments of life that make me feel stronger, more alive and balanced. I love my few minutes of complete stillness in the morning when I can simply sit and observe the tree outside my window or hear the distant sounds of the city awaken to a new day. I appreciate being able to walk in nature, eat simple home cooked meals made with love, play with my dog, have meaningful conversations, be part of projects that impact others positively, meet work deadlines, day dream, listen to music, read, be silly, watch comedies, marvel at the vastness of the sky and wonder at the little wild flower that grows among sharp stones. The ability to live in the moment is what I have understood to be the most powerful life skill.

When I look at what we have done to our lives as a race, I sometimes wonder is this the true direction that we wanted. We are technologically more connected than ever in history, yet never have we been more isolated as people. We fight wars that we are not a part of, we engage in conversations that hold little relevance, we wear clothes that are not who we are, we walk and talk in a lingo we do not understand, we work in jobs that do not excite our spirit, we enter relationships for fear of being left behind, we measure success in currency, we measure power in status, we measure satisfaction in terms of popularity, we live with little kindness and are remiss on gratitude and appreciation… yet we live life like we are going to live forever.

As another year comes to a close, perhaps it is time for some of us to make the decision to live more simply and to be true to the values that make us who we truly are, to enable a life that is lighter in spirit and happier within.