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Do you feel safe on the internet? What are some things that make you vulnerable and what do you do about it?

Madhu Shahi
Sub Editor of Kantipur National Daily

The internet has narrowed our society to such an extent that it is simply impossible to imagine a world without it. A popular culture today revolves around people expressing and seeking all their emotions such as joy and sadness or knowledge and solutions online. Thus the internet has succeeded in playing a massive role in the course of the development of both humans and society. However along with its several beneficial features, there are equally negative traits which we must be aware of. All matters have two sides to it; one which will be advantageous and the other will not. The factor which determines the effect simply depends on how we use it and to what degree.

Security is remarkable absent on the internet. This may be because we have the habit of blindly sharing news and information which inevitably increases threat to our security. We have started to openly put details about our homes, families, our personalities and behaviour without recognising the danger and negative impact it can create. Putting ourselves out more than necessary on the internet or social networks from a security perspective is a no-no. Despite knowing this, we fail to properly integrate this aspect. I strongly believe that we must approach the internet not with fear but with caution.