WOW | Coffee Break

Marriage, Living-In or Single

Malika Singh Nirola
Director, Sisauli Farm

For me marriage is a bond that carries a balance of love, friendship and responsibilities. When you marry, there are certain responsibilities that come even if you are not be fond of it. Here is where the love and friendship of your partner helps you through. Although some feel that marriage is a burden, I personally see it as a one of the destinations that one has to take in one’s lifetime. The joy of starting a family is, I think, the best feeling in the world and getting married is a stepping stone to that. Having said that, it is important to know whom you are marrying as well.

Although the concept of a live-in relationship is not widely accepted in our society it could give you an opportunity to know your partner better. When two people are in a live-in relationship they are able to know all the positives and negatives of that person without the commitment of marriage.

Finally, singlehood is a learning process. When you are single you get to learn to be independent, make mistakes, and learn from all the lessons life gives you.

We all will go through these stages in our lives (maybe not live-in relationships but relationships nonetheless). Some may decide not to marry and that is completely acceptable, but if I had to choose among these, I definitely love being married to the man whom I met when I was single, stayed in a long-term relationship with, and finally got married to.