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Manish Rai

“I design for the bold, strong and independent women of today”

Manish Rai is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design from Namuna College of Fashion Technology. Yet he has already created footprints in the fashion world with his creative approach to beautiful clothes. In April 2016, he showcased his second collection at the TGIF Nepal Fashion Week which won him huge appreciation. Manish Rai specialises in bespoke bridal and evening wear and loves to design for the bold, strong and independent women of today. He is ambitious and has big dreams and goals to fulfil. In the future, he sees himself in Paris Haute Couture Week, besides making his mark as a celebrated designer of international calibre.

What is fashion for you?
It’s a personal expression…how you present yourself in front of people and your lifestyle.

What does Manish Rai Designs offer to fashion lovers?
Well ‘Manish Rai’ basically deals with bespoke evening wear. Most of my dresses are one of a kind which are designed specifically for certain clients and which are made only once because I feel that every individual is different and their clothes should speak about them and are thus designed accordingly.

Your fashion icon/ inspiration?
I have always been very inspired by Dior for the elegant and sophisticated look and the way they evolve according to time as fashion is very dynamic. Also Coco Chanel, the woman who was a revolution in the 20s and redefined fashion, and how can I forget Alexander Mcqueen, the man who showed the world fashion is limitless.

What is your favourite trend this year?
Minimalism inspired from the 90s.

…and what would you like to see disappear?
Purple hair

Describe your “I made it moment’’
It was back in April 2016 when I showcased my second collection at TGIF Nepal Fashion Week. As I am an undergraduate fashion student, it was a huge challenge for me to showcase my designs on a huge platform… ultimately all went well and I got lots of appreciation!

3 must have’s in a woman’s wardrobe?
A Nepali woman must have a well fitted blouse and a silk or chiffon saree, LBD and yeah, a good pair of jeans.

What hot for winter 2016?
Electro furs, mauve and pink, sharp shoulders and oversized street wear.

Fashion tip for the woman of today…
Today’s women are very bold and independent… all I want to tell them is that you all are different and that makes you beautiful. Don’t follow any fashion trend unless you don’t want it from your heart. Just be YOU. Create your own style and that’s fashionable!

Do you believe in age appropriate dressing?
Yes I do… A woman in forties will not look appropriate dressing like a teenager!

How important is accessorising your outfit?
Accessorising any outfit would be nice unless it’s over done. I prefer minimal use of accessories.

How much importance do you give to comfort while designing?
I believe that you look best in an outfit in which you are comfortable. There is a delicate balance between design and comfort while creating an outfit.

Can style be acquired?
Up to a point, but mostly style varies from person to person.

Signature style
My love for Swarovski and all the glittering effect on my dresses.

One fashion indulgence…
Cashmere / Pashmina