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How important is it to have fun in a relationship?

Manish Shrestha
Employee at Espresso Organic Coffee House

Having fun is always important for any relationship to last longer and stay, stronger and happier…be it with family, friends, workmates or your ultimate partner. Fun is not a hard thing. I mean you don’t have to go on an exciting adventure with your partner, it rather means enjoying each other’s company bringing your partner the smallest amount of time off your busy day and making the most of it. It is said that the amount of excitement lowers as a relationship grows older but you must try to let the excitement continue and here a lot of aspects matter among which fun is vital. You can’t have your relationship boring, drab, lifeless, stale, dull and tedious. Fun in relationship increases bonding, communication, conflict resolution and relationship satisfaction.

Few fun things I do with my partner (everything I do is fun with her by the way): Draw each other’s picture, make weird milkshakes (which taste yuck), go jogging with her, sing her songs and listen to her, buy her beauty products, take her to the hill side, prepare her sandwiches, paint her nails, cleanse her face, tie her hair into braids, take weird pictures of each other (snap chat), write love letters, go on mini picnics.