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Michael Chand
Retired Senior News Editor & Broadcaster (1972 – 2004), Radio Nepal

Marital status runs smooth as silk when everything is under control, meaning that sexual harassment by the male partner is prevented in one way or the other. The situation becomes worse when men resort to violent steps in subjugating their wives by force to have sex with them. This I call marital rape, because violent male partners are forcibly saying ‘yes’ to all the ‘no’ of their unwilling wives.

Marital sex sounds fine, but not marital rape…, not my kind of enjoying a happy conjugal and sexual life. I know very well that a bottle of whisky or wine is a birthplace of one’s dreams, and one can capture the dreams with these bottles by forcing the helpless wife into an unwilling sexual relationship.

*“Marital rape is defined as non-consensual sex (i. e. rape), in which the perpetrator is the victim’s spouse.

In December 1993, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights published a Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women. This establishes marital rape as a “human rights violation” Are you listening?