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Micro Galleries Kathmandu Festival

On December 6, 15 artists from Kathmandu along with 30 international artists were chosen to transform Patan into an open-air gallery, as part of the global arts initiative, Micro Galleries Kathmandu Festival. Renowned for its ancient art forms and rich tradition of artisans, Patan was the perfect canvas for international collective Micro Galleries in collaboration with local arts collective Kaalo.101, to hold its first festival in Nepal. Taking advantage of its unique lanes and courtyards, Micro Galleries brought together over 100 works to create an outdoor gallery of contemporary pieces, and highlight the exceptional talent coming out of Nepal. Micro Galleries Artistic Director, Kat Roma Greer said: “As an international community, we always see images of the beautiful Himalayas and religious icons of Nepal. It’s time for the world to see the incredible contemporary artwork and ideas of its young artists. They are informed, dynamic, wonderful artists who are creating some amazing work, for communities and the industry alike.”